Oaklyn Police Dept


Contact Numbers

Dept Phone - 856-854-0049

Emergencies  - 911

Overnight Parking  Ext. 6039

Office of Emergency Management Ext 6004

Department Mission Statement

 To promote public safety; to prevent, suppress and investigate crimes to the fullest.  To provide superior emergency and non-emergency police service to the great residents of the Borough of Oaklyn as well as any and all visitors to our Borough.  As a department we will create and maintain a strong community partnership through communication and dedication.  As a priority we will adapt a multi-disciplinary approach to solving community problems in a timely and efficient manner. To develop and promote a diverse, professional workforce geared toward a service model found in no other law enforcement agency. 

Non-Emergency Tipline

 This is an e-mail account that can be used to notify the police of non-emergency matters. All e-mails will be checked in the morning by 9:00 am, Monday to Friday. Matters will be reviewed with the appropriate action being taken in a timely and efficient manner. This e-mail tip-line should not be used to replace actual police response but for non-emergency situations that you would like to bring to our attention. The address is tip_line@oaklynpolice.com 

OPD Roster

Chief Mark Moore Ext 6019                         mmoore@oaklynpolice.com

Police Records Sam Orlando Ext 6022       sorlando@oaklynpolice.com

Lieutenant Craig Stauts Ext 6023               cstauts@oaklynpolice.com

Sergeant Charles Antrilli Ext 6024             cantrilli@oaklynpolice.com

Sergeant Jayne Jones Ext 6024                    jjones@oaklynpolice.com

Detective Paul Mason Ext 6029                   pmason@oaklynpolice.com

Detective Ian Booth Ext 6028                      ibooth@oaklynpolice.com

K9 Officer Matt Olivieri                                molivieri@oaklynpolice.com

Patrolman Bret Mueller                               bmueller@oaklynpolice.com

Patrolman Dru Genther                               dgenther@oaklynpolice.com

K9 Officer Colby Bryszewski                       cbryszewski@oaklynpolice.com

Patrolman Mike McGeehan                        mmcgeehan@oaklynpolice.com

Patrolman Chris Brown                               cbrown@oaklynpolice.com

Patrolman John Bryszewski                        jbryszewski@oaklynpolice.com

SO Luke Viola                                                 lviola@oaklynpolice.com

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OPD Downloads

Overnight Parking (pdf)


Firearms Permits & Registrations (pdf)


Internal Affairs Public Notice (pdf)